Month: May 2009

Walking – how to get fit, lose weight and live longer

Forget all the trendy fitness fads, give up the gym and get walking. The ultimate workout, walking is simple, effective and totally free (all you need is some decent footwear). Why walking is so good for you. How to get started. Tips on technique, motivation and safety.


Do women dream differently to men?

Research shows that women and men dream very differently. Women dream more of relationships and seem to use their sleeping life to work out problems. Dreams can also give powerful (and sometimes life-saving) clues to our health and emotional wellbeing.

Is detoxing dangerous?

Is detoxing safe? Following reports of a woman suffering brain damage after following a detox diet, the press has gone wild with scaremongering reports. Detox expert and author of two books on the subject debunks the myths and explains why (sensible) detoxing is still perfectly safe. Includes info on how to detox safely.