Month: August 2012

Can sound heal?

Children sing for joy. They yell if they get angry and wail if they get hurt. Yet, by the time we have reached adulthood, we have learned not to cry or groan: we don’t use our voice; we don’t use sound. Big mistake, say the growing band of researchers who believe sound healing is a simple, cheap and easy way to release stress, improve our moods and even heal ourselves. ‘It’s a great shame,’ says Suzi Lever who runs workshops on using your natural voice. ‘Because making sound can really change your mood. If you feel low and you make happy sounds, it will lift you without a doubt. Your breathing will automatically change and so will your physiological state. You will find you have a lot more energy, a lot more confidence and that you have a lot less stress.’ In fact there is a whole raft of self-healing you can do with the help of the burgeoning field of sound therapy. Simon Heather, of the College of Sound Healing, describes it as, ‘The …