About Jane Alexander

Jane Alexander

I’m a journalist and author of over twenty books on health and wellbeing (see my books page).  I’m also a working mother, a realist and a supreme juggler.  I don’t have the time or the money to waste on rubbish or flannel but I am constantly looking for things that make life easier and nicer.

I really hate the way so few people can say what they really think in papers and magazine- hence I’m writing here where I have no constraints of advertising or editors.  I’ll be honest and frank, brutally frank sometimes.   Because, really, what’s the point otherwise?

You can buy my books from Amazon (and all good bookshops).  You can also commission me to write features or provide content for your website or blog.

I am happy to review destinations or product here (though only apply if you really do have HUGE belief in what you do – I don’t take prisoners and am never polite for the sake of it).

If you run a spa or therapy centre, I also offer a ‘spa spy’ service in which I can come as a mystery guest and really test out your facilites and  your staff.  If you are interested in this please email me for further details.

Please do not nab my work without asking first.  I am usually happy to allow authorised use of the odd feature for publication on the web – for free or for a fee depending on your website.  Everything is copyrighted so please don’t just nick it – I have VERY very twitchy uber-lawyer friends…..

If in doubt, get in touch:  exmoorjane (at) gmail (dot) com – or leave a comment.  I really welcome comments and hope this blog will encourage some honest and interesting debate.  I vigorously defend everyone’s right to their own opinion – though I will remove posts that are deliberately offensive or which flame other commenters.

You can also check out my website (much more up to date) at:  Jane Alexander

Also I have written a children’s novel that is looking for a nice publisher – check out the blog at http://shamanstory.blogspot.com



  1. Just wandered in from your more “desperate” blog. Witha l the stuff you’re doing, I still don’t get the desperate. I’ll be back to check on some of this in due course. All look very interesting.

    And that’ a big gun you’ve got — please don’t shoot me. Bear rugs are really out of style these days. Honest!


  2. Look; it’s simple. Either you get rid of the gun or I’m out of here. My hide is worth more to me than it is to you.


  3. Ivy says

    Spa -Spy? Have you got that trade-maked or put a patent to? Why didn’t I come up with an idea like that?


  4. margot gordon says

    you are cordially invited at your own expense, sorry can’t compete with Walt, to spa- spy in the capital of rip off spa land in Port Douglas, Australia. I could probably get you a deal on a room. how about it?
    oh and one or two sessions with me to help you recover from any spa sessions you might have chosen to undertake


  5. Hi Jane came across your blog I’ve forgotten how ,that was 5 mins ago.
    Looking for some talented people to meet up in Somerset I’ve found the excuse to do it free of charge interested e-mail me or leave a comment on my blog otherwise good luck and keep trucking as they say
    Regards Susan


  6. Just clicked on your site. Interesting. We have a local paper that prints so much from the left that locals are canceling their subscriptions. I contacted them on one article and asked if I could refute what the author said on the same page (1st) and allowed the same number of words and they said “no” had to be in a letter to the editor section. Drives me nuts when false information is handed out and you can prove it and they won’t let you. The masses here drink it up like it all comes from some fountain of truth, only a few papers here allow both left and right voices to be heard with equal length of articles. Trying to figure out to set up my own blog and tell it like it is. Regards, Gordon Kuhn


  7. JD Revene says

    Ah, I found you. Some interesting books (rituals interest me too) and the ghosting’s interesting, didn’t realise you were allowed to say whose books you’d ghosted.


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