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A holistic hero?

Well, here’s a pleasant surprise…I’ve been nominated by Natural Health magazine as a ‘holistic hero’.  I’m up there amongst some big names in the natural health field so it’s deeply gratifying (and mightily unexpected).  I’m not sure ‘hero’ is the right term but I have been championing natural and integrated health for over twenty years now (yes, that long) so it’s really nice to have some recognition.  Image


Garn!  Not sure if the link has taken on that button but if you follow this link you’ll find the survey and I’m the third category.  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/QPCJZWH

Every vote gratefully received and please do share the link freely.  I’m happily voting for my favourite UK spa, online retailer and all-natural beauty range.  Oh, and if you vote, you stand the chance of winning £500 worth of LoveLula vouchers – which would be very tasty.

If you aren’t already aware, I have written over twenty books on natural health and wellbeing.  Do feel free to check my page on Amazon – a lot of my older books have now been updated and converted into ebooks and sell for about a quid or so.   

Okay, shameless promotion now ending.  


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